How suicide affects you

Bereavement by suicide shares characteristics with other bereavements and it is also different – it can bring an intensity and range of emotions and physical reactions which may be unfamiliar, frightening and uncontrollable. We are all different.  You may have some, all or none of the emotional or physical feelings described.  Do not worry that you are … Read more

How suicide affects others

There is no blueprint for how we react to and cope after a suicide.  We each have our own relationship with the person who died and we all grieve in our own way and at our own pace. When someone grieves in a different way to you, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care – … Read more

How suicide affects people

This section is intended to help you understand more about common reactions to bereavement by suicide – physical and emotional – and how it can affect different people in the family and community. We all respond differently to any sort of bereavement.  We are individuals who each had a unique relationship with the person who died.  There is … Read more

Suicide Bereavement

If you have been bereaved or affected by suicide or if you are supporting someone else, this section will help you to understand how a bereavement by suicide is different, how it affects people, ways to support and some practical issues to be aware of. Our resources for survivors section features our Support after Suicide Booklet V5 10 2019 and leaflet-Bereaved-by-Suicide-Lavender leaflet. It also features … Read more

Practical concerns

In this section you will find information about common practical concerns or challenges faced by people bereaved by suicide. Police Coroner / Procurator Fiscal Media Funerals Finances and insurance Death of someone who was under the care or custody of another agency Time off and returning to work Returning to your home Other concerns after … Read more

Support for under 18s

We know that suicide affects everyone in the family and community, regardless of their age and we all need the right support.  If you are under 18, there are some excellent organisations who you can talk to and seek support from. We are sorry but you cannot use our services if you are under 18, … Read more