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About Us

We are the only organisation offering peer-to-peer support to all those over the age of 18, impacted by suicide loss in the UK. We help those bereaved by suicide to support each other, at the time of their loss and in the months and years that follow. We are a self-help organisation and we provide a safe, confidential environment in which bereaved people can share their experiences and feelings, so giving and gaining support from each other. We also strive to improve public awareness and maintain contacts with many other statutory and voluntary organisations.

We offer peer led support groups, online virtual support groups, a national telephone helpline, online community forum and email support. We offer a unique and distinct service for bereaved adults across the UK, run by the bereaved for the bereaved.
Suicide recognises no social, ethnic or cultural boundaries and neither do we. Our helpline and groups are open to all survivors of bereavement by suicide aged 18 years and over.

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