Andrew Cohen-Wray

It’s an absolute honour to have been asked to represent SoBS as an Ambassador, having been on both sides of suicide it’s amazing to be in a position where I can now make a real difference.

During my time as a police officer I attended many suicides and I really wish I could turn back the clock as I would have handled those difficult situations so very differently. Losing my own brother to suicide in 2012 was one of the toughest days of my life, especially as I’d only really known him for 3 years due to suffering from Dissociative Amnesia as a result of PTSD from my time in the police service.

After losing my brother I attended my local group in Watford and was overwhelmed by the compassion and support available, and 8 years on I’m still in regular contact with many of the members I met.

The loss of my brother shaped my career as just a few months after losing him I suffered a stroke meaning I couldn’t do the work I loved, this lead me down a path of learning and discovery where I now find myself working as a Mental Performance coach working with some of the fastest athletes on the planet and Formula 1 drivers and team. I also work in businesses alongside my business partner Danny Crates who is a Paralympic Gold medallist and TV Celebrity and mental health forms the basis of everything we do.

In 2020 I will be racing in the Ginetta GRDC Championship and my race car proudly wears the SoBS logo on the doors. This will be a great opportunity to raise much needed awareness of suicide in a male orientated sport and environment.