Our Trustees

Trustees have independent control over, and legal responsibility for, a charity’s management and administration. They play a very important yet unpaid role, in a sector that contributes significantly to the character and wellbeing of the country.

Trusteeship can be rewarding for many reasons – from a sense of making a difference to the charitable cause, to new experiences and relationships. It’s also likely to be demanding of your time, skills, knowledge and abilities. Being aware of the duties and responsibilities of a trustee, will help you carry out your role in a way that not only serves your charity well but also gives you confidence that you will be complying with key requirements of the law and governance.

Our Trustees:

Halani Foulsham – Chair

Ellen Hatto – Vice Chair

Emmett Holden Carter

Freya Anglin-Liiv – Treasurer

Jackie Carter

James Bradshaw

Janet Taylor

Joy Heal

Linn Larsen

Potential Trustees:

Amanda Morley

Nicholas Colbourne

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