Welcome to the SoBS Forum.  This is an online community that offers peer-to-peer support for survivors of bereavement by suicide.

All applicants must refrain from using the term “Committed Suicide” as this is no longer a crime under the Suicide Act 1961.

Anyone can apply to join if they have been bereaved following a suicide.  Your application is confidential, and will be reviewed by one of our volunteers to maintain our forum as a safe space for people affected by suicide.

Membership of our forum is subject to our Terms of Use.  By logging in to our website and using our forum, you accept these terms.  Members who don’t abide by these terms may have their accounts removed and be blocked from the website.


Have you been bereaved for at least 2 years or more?

Please contact us if you think that you could offer support to others by volunteering on the Helpline, or set up a support group near to your location.  For more information Please contact our National office 01159 441 117