Leamington Group

Welcome to the Leamington SoBS Group

My name is Jacqui and with my Husband Dave as volunteers we facilitate the Leamington Spa Group, Warwickshire.

We meet on the 2nd Monday of every month.

We looked to SoBS when our son died 17 years ago in 2004.  When David died at the age of 31 it was a tragic loss to us and our family and friends.  Our GP gave us the contact details for SoBS and the nearest group to Coventry was Leamington Spa at the time, which had not long been opened. We were welcomed by Silvia, who ran the small group.  In the beginning it was difficult to talk about how we were feeling and details of what had happened to our son but gradually month after month with the help of other group members it became easier.  After about 2 years of attending, unfortunately Silvia became ill and was not able to run the group anymore.  The group continued to meet each month and eventually we took on the role as facilitators as we knew it had been a vital part of our recovery and we didn’t want it to close.  I am glad we continued with the group, as I know it helps to talk to people who truly understand what you are going through.

We have had many fundraising events and in 2016 we managed to raise enough money to have a tree and bench installed in Victoria Park in Leamington Spa.  Many members of our group regularly visit the park and enjoy the sanctuary it provides. 

Recently a member of our group, Jessie has decorated the tree and bench with pompoms inspired by a young woman in Bristol who wanted to do something creative for her sister to keep her memory alive.  She called it Pombombing, which is making colorful pompoms and placing them in public places for all to see and catch the attention of strangers to raise awareness of mental illness, break the stigma and for people to reach out and ask for help.  Through social media this idea has captured the hearts of many and is now spread all over the world.


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This year (2021) is the 30th anniversary of the beginning of SoBS support groups and we are hoping to raise money for the charity by walking a mile a day during April.  Good luck everyone.