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To lose a child, husband, wife, brother, sister, father, mother, family member or close friend is always painful. When that much loved person has taken their own life, the pain is beyond most people’s comprehension. Only those who have been through such a tragedy can fully understand.

The Wokingham SoBS group has been running since March 2014. It welcomes members from all over Berkshire and some from Surrey. The group is led by a team of volunteers, Adrian, Jane, Sophie and Hazel and meets on the first Wednesday of the month in central Wokingham very close to the railway station.

A few years ago, one of our members, Marc, was undergoing treatment for cancer and wanted to walk with friends, so we started a monthly SoBS walk in addition to the monthly meetings. Sadly Marc died, but the walks continued and getting out in the fresh air and chatting is a great way to meet together.

Following on from using Zoom during the pandemic, the face to face meetings now incorporate Zoom and means that those who cannot attend in person can join the group virtually.

Wokingham group members have worked with local councils and the coroners services, and were involved in setting up The Bereaved by Suicide advocacy service, which provides extra support for those bereaved by suicide across the region. The group also has a voice on the Berkshire Suicide Prevention group.

The volunteers at the Wokingham group all feel really passionately about peer support as we know how speaking to others who are also living through the experience of losing someone to suicide, is so very valuable. We also want to give people hope that it is possible to survive such a devastating, life changing event.

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