Jacqui Walton – Edinburgh Group

I was widowed by suicide in 2006. Being widowed, becoming a single parent, the breadwinner, grieving, supporting your children and trying to deal with your loss and confusion is lonely and isolating. 

So when I was asked by a local health and social care professional to help set up a group to help others bereaved by suicide, I jumped at the chance. I felt that it was important to help others not feel as desolate and as isolated as I did in those early days and that in turn it would help me. 

The Edinburgh group started in August 2010, and people travel from all over the Central belt to attend the group. It’s not an easy task facilitating a group particularly when you struggle with anxiety yourself. However the shared support, empathy and love that I also receive back in return is well worth it. I really feel that by helping others, it has helped me with my own experience. 

I am very honoured to be there to help give that support, love and empathy to those who are going through one of the most intensely emotional and devastating experience that anyone can go through and be part of it. I find it truly humbling.