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30 Miles for 30 Years – Help us walk from Elgin to Exeter visiting each of our groups along the way.

We are challenging you to walk, run, jog, skip or sprint 1 mile every day, for the 30 days of April. That’s 1 mile for each of the 30 years that Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide have been supporting those impacted by Suicide loss.

Make sure you keep track of those miles with our mileage tracking calendar!

30 day calendar – 30 Miles for 30 Years


30 years ago, in April 1991, Alice Middleton set up the first ever Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide support group from her living room in Hull. After losing her brother to suicide, Alice struggled to find anyone she could turn to for support, so she placed an advert in her local paper to find others who had been impacted by suicide loss. With that advert, SOBS was born.

Fast forward to 2021, 30 years on, we are now a National Charity with over 180 volunteers, offering peer led support through our group sessions, national helpline, email support and community forum. We currently have support groups throughout the UK, many of which are offering UK wide, virtual support whilst we are unable to meet face to face….and this number is growing! 

Sadly, the need for our services is growing and with that, a need for more groups, more volunteers and more awareness. Join us, as we virtually walk from the Elgin group to the Exeter group, stopping at each of our national support groups along the way, spotlighting the incredible support they are providing. 

With our fundraising heroes behind us, 

we can ensure that, none of us need to suffer alone.


Day 1 ~ Virtual milers

Thank you for signing up to our virtual challenge  🎉

Our virtual walk starts at our most northern group in Elgin, Scotland.

Our Elgin SOBS group was set up in May 2018 and pre COVID-19, were holding their meetings at the Elgin City Football Club. This is the only group in the area and members often travelled long distances to attend meetings. We hope to re-establish this group when COVID-19 restrictions allow.

To read more about our Elgin group see here


Day 2 ~ Virtual milers
you're amazing!

Congratulations to our daily milers on completing day 1 🎉
Over 187 of you have moved a mile and we have walked, ran, jogged, skipped and jumped though Scotland!
 We have given a wave to our upcoming group in Kirkcaldy before arriving in Edinburgh! Lets all say “good morning” to Jacqui and Jackson, group facilitators for our Edinburgh group 👋
To read more about our Edinburgh group see here
 It isn’t too late to join us on our virtual walk from Elgin to Exeter!

Day 3 ~ Virtual milers
we're impressed!

Our daily milers have smashed day 2 🎉
Over 224 of you have moved a mile and we have made our way through Scotland, into England. We hope that you all waved as you zoomed past our groups in Renfrewshire and the Scottish Borders before arriving in Whitley bay.
Sadly, our Renfrewshire group is in desperate need of volunteers and has temporarily closed ~ Can you help?
For information on any of our support groups, we have a very handy “find a support group” tool here

Day 4 ~ Virtual milers
you’re incredible!

Our daily milers have sailed through day 3 🎉
As we walk, jog, skip, jump and space hop our way from Whitley Bay, through York and onto Hull, it is important to remember we can support ALL of the UK through our National Helpline:
0300 111 5065

Angela, volunteers for Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide and really is a shining star. Not only does she support those impacted by suicide on the helpline, but also coordinates the helpline rota, ensuring there is someone there to take your call. Read more about Angela’s journey to SoBS and her role, here.

Day 5 ~ Virtual milers congratulations!

Our daily milers have skipped through day 4 🎉

As we run, walk, skip and jump our way from Hull, through Scunthorpe and onto Doncaster, we wanted to remind you of your huge achievements so far! We are at 70% of our fundraising target raising a whopping £21,293 already!

 It costs in the region of £5500 to set up a new support group, £375 train one volunteer and 50p to print one of our support after a suicide booklets.

Your fundraising efforts so far are inspirational, you are all playing a huge part in supporting those bereaved by suicide.

Day 6 ~ Virtual milers
you're doing great!

Our daily milers have flown through day 5 🎉
As we dance, hop, skip and jump our way from Doncaster to Barnsley and finally reach Sheffield, we wanted to tell you some more about our support services. Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide has an email support service as well as an online community forum for those people who prefer to share their experiences and feelings through writing rather than talking. 

If you would like to read about the email support team, you can read more here

It isn’t too late to join us on our virtual walk from Elgin to Exeter!


Day 7 ~ Virtual milers
you’re all fundraising heroes!

Our daily milers have charged through day 6 🎉

As we stomp our way from Sheffield to Stockport, we wanted to tell you some more about our volunteer Wyn. She is a group facilitator at our Stockport group and a true fundraising, awareness raising hero!

Read more about Wyn and her fundraising here

It isn’t too late to join us on our virtual walk from Elgin to Exeter!

Day 8 ~ Virtual milers
what a team!

Our daily milers have strolled through day 7 🎉

We have jogged, jumped and hula hooped our way from Stockport, through Manchester and have now reached Bolton!!

Meet Janet and Noel, group facilitators for our Bolton group.

Janet and Noel do fantastic work in the community, raising both awareness and funds for our charity.

 Let’s all give them both a wave 👋👋

Read more about Janet, Noel and the Bolton group here

Day 9 ~ Virtual milers
you’re marvellous!

Our daily milers have stomped through day 8 🎉
We have skipped, jumped and hopped our way from Bolton to our
St Helens Group.
Meet Derek ~ He does amazing work on both our National Helpline and as a group facilitator for our St Helens Group.
Let’s all give him a wave 👋👋
Read more about our St Helens Group here
Read more about Dereks volunteering role here

Day 10 ~ Virtual milers
you’re all awe-inspiring awareness raisers!

Our daily milers have bounced through day 9 🎉
We have danced, jumped and hula hooped our way from St Helens to Liverpool.
Meet our Helpline volunteer John. John was born in Liverpool in 1950 and has given us a great incite into what it was like growing up in Liverpool and how the loss of his Niece brought him to volunteer on our National Helpline. Read more here
If you have been impacted by a loss to suicide and want to speak to one of our trained volunteers, like John, call:

National Helpline: 0300 111 5065

Day 11 ~ Virtual milers
you’re all #SoBSFamily!

Our daily milers have marched through day 10 🎉

We are in Wales! We have marched, skipped and ran our way from Liverpool to Anglesey.

We are proud to announce that we have a new group opening in Anglesey, Wales. When COVID-19 struck in early 2020 all training had to stop. We quickly realised that our incredible volunteers were still keen to take up volunteering roles and wanted to support those bereaved by suicide more than ever! We have now adapted our training and are offering online training to all new volunteers, which means we can continue to grow our support services.

Are you interested in volunteering?

Day 12 ~ Virtual milers
you’re all spectacular!

Our daily milers have waltzed through day 11 🎉

We have hopped, skipped and fancy dressed our way from Anglesey to Chester. Regardless of your geographical location, our virtual groups are open to all of the UK.

Did you know that we have a Men’s virtual support group “bereaveMENt” which runs on the second Tuesday of the Month? The next meeting is tomorrow:

Tuesday 13th April 2021

All men who have been impacted by suicide are welcome to join this confidential and inclusive group. More information here

Day 13 ~ Virtual milers
nearly half way there!

Our daily milers have jogged through day 12 🎉
We have danced, walked and ran our way from Chester to Crewe.
Meet Ed, group facilitator for our Crewe group.
Let’s all give him a wave 👋👋
Read more about Ed and how he became a volunteer for Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide, a role that he has held for over 10 years.
We are incredibly proud of the support he provides to those bereaved by suicide 💜