Resources for professionals

In addition to our publicationsgovernment guides and general resources about the topic of suicide bereavement, you may also be interested re/publications/sources and organisations which are aimed at professionals and academics.

The Centre for Suicide Prevention at Manchester University is a leading UK centre for research into suicidal behaviour.  They embrace two major long-term research programmes – both provide crucial evidence to support service and training improvements that increase patient safety, reduce risk and save lives.

Oxford University have the Centre for Suicide Research.  The Centre is based in the department of psychiatry and is directed by Professor Keith Hawton.  The overall research programme of the Centre is focused on investigation of the causes, treatment and prevention of suicidal behaviour.

The Centre for Academic Mental Health at Bristol University hosts a vibrant community of quantitative, qualitative and clinical researchers whose common aim is to better understand the causes of suicide and suicidal behaviour so as to inform clinical and population based prevention strategies

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) is dedicated to preventing suicidal behaviour, alleviating its effects and providing a forum for academics, mental health professionals, crisis  workers, volunteers and suicide survivors

The Samaritans provide support for people who work in the railway industry and also have a specialist service to support schools after someone dies by suicide.