After Shaun –  A film about living with loss. After Shaun is a British documentary film delving into the heart breaking repercussions of suicide on those left behind. Through a series of interviews with those grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide, supported by professional testimonials from Mental Health experts and campaigners, the film strives to show the devastating reality of suicide in the UK today.


The Terrible Truth – a short film exploring the consequences of suicide for those left behind with the terrible truth of never knowing why.   A brother and a girlfriend speak out about their journey from discovery to acceptance.

‘Life after suicide’ 2014 BBC documentary available to watch Life After Suicide

Angela Samata explores why some people take their own lives and how those who love them come to terms with the loss. Every year in the UK around 6,000 people will take their own lives, of whom three quarters will be men.


The Lives Left Behind

The Lives Left Behind is a documentary based on suicide awareness.


Lauren Oxley takes an in depth look into support groups for people who are bereaved.
Lauren interviewed John and Paul from SoBS Cumbria also Gwen from the Scottish Borders SoBS Group