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The stories of those bereaved through suicide

Hello, my name is Sue Egan and I am a Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology trainee at the University of the West of England, Bristol. I am seeking adults aged 18 and older who have been affected by a suicide loss over 2 years ago, to participate in the research I am completing for my doctoral thesis. I am interested in this topic because I lost my brother to suicide in November 2014 and have directly experienced the impact of suicide to a close member of my family.

Brief introduction to the study

This study aims to explore how dominant cultural stories and psychological aspects influence the narratives of someone who has been affected by a suicide loss. I hope to explore my own story and how it might, or not might interact with others from the same cohort in the research relationship.
Although official data shows that there were 5,821 deaths by suicide in the United Kingdom in 2017; leaving behind many people affected by the loss, understanding suicide bereavement and how to support those people is relatively new in psychological research.
There is no research exploring the way dominant social stories affect the experience of people bereaved through suicide. Thus, this study’s aim is to provide clinicians with an understanding of what it means to be bereaved by suicide, and inform the practice of health professionals including GPs, psychologists and counsellors in supporting those bereaved and challenge the stories that currently dominate feelings around suicide based on historical and current cultural beliefs.
How to get involved

If you wish to take part in the study, please email me on to discuss the research further. If you are then still interested, we will complete a short screening questionnaire to assess your current circumstances and identify any exceptional risk circumstances that mean participating is not advisable. Following this we will arrange to meet for 2, 60-90 minute interviews at a convenient place to suit you.

Thank you

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