Poetry & prose written by survivors

When You Lose Someone You Love ~ Poem by Shiva

When you lose someone you love

IT’S TABOO by Chris Gaskin on the 45th anniversary of her Mother’s


‘Grief’ by Sheila

“There are days I wish I’d never met…”

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‘SOBS is a Club’

“SOBS is a club that I never thought…”

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‘Poem’ by Ruth

“Cry, cry it out…”

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‘The Borderlands’ by Lynn

“I look for you in the Borderlands…”

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‘A Pair of Shoes’ by an unknown author

“I am wearing a pair of shoes…”

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‘The phone call changed everything’ by Christine

“The phone call changed everything…”

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‘How Long’ by Ann

“I sit down and wonder how long…”

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‘Poem’ by Samantha

“I often stare at the beautiful night sky…”

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‘The Choice’ by Jane

“Dedicated to those who have left and those who are left”

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‘White Lies’ by Sonia

“Time will heal People have said…”

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‘Father’ by Kitty

“Deeply sleeping, unaware of his fate…”

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‘It Was Never My Wish’ by Kay

“It didn’t ask for this illness I didn’t understand…”

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Dad by Nikki

“How hard it is to bid farewell…”

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‘And Now You’re Gone’ by Paul

“Losing a friend is hard…”

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A Perfect Scar by Sonia

“Four months have passed of anguish and tears…”

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‘The Mask’ by Ann Page

“Each day you gave a cheery wave, your smile was broad and wide…”

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‘Back Then’ by Sheila

“I’m glad I didn’t know back then…”

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‘Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide’ by Marion

“SOBS is a club that I never thought I’d have to belong to…”

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

‘Poems to Raymond’ by Susan

“He never said goodbye to me, he blew a kiss instead…”

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‘The Sea’ by Leanne

“For me, the sea has a magical sense of natural beauty. I have always loved being by the sea, since I was very young…”

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‘My Daughter’ by Patricia

“The days drag on the hours a blur…”

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‘For Laura’ by Den

“6 months now you have been gone, The heartbreak and pain is still so strong…”

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‘For my sister Sam’ by Hansie

“I wish I could have held you And kissed away your fears…”

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‘When you walk out the door’, a rap poem by Steve

“Feels like the end of days, this endless pain

My mind’s backed up with the things I intended to say…”

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‘To my sister’ by Philly

“I’m sorry for not being there, I didn’t try to understand

I wish I had sat and listened to you and been there to hold your hand…”

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‘Blue angel’ by Jill

“A reflection of myself

Has taken on his wings…”

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‘I don’t know why’ by Iris

“I don’t know why.

I’ll never know why.

I don’t have to know why.

I don’t like it.

I don’t have to like it…”

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‘If only’ by Sheila

“If only I had been awake

When you came home that night…”

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‘Reflection’ by Y. Docherty

“Another day for you to wonder, another day for you to mourn

It wasn’t my intention to go before the coming dawn…”

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‘The Parting’ by Julia

“The day you decided to go

The pain you left you will never know…”

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‘Dad’ by AGS

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‘Our last day’ by AGS

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The Love and Loss of Emma by Eric Lane

“I awoke one morning not knowing what was wrong

It then came to me my Emma had gone…..”

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Souvenir of the first National Service of Thanksgiving for Survivors with messages from the Archbishop of Canterbury and Terry Waite

The first National Service of Thanksgiving for Survivors was organised by the Gloucester group and held at Tewkesbury Abbey on 21 April 2007.

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