Eastbourne (Virtual meetings available)

Meeting day: 1st Wednesday of the month (smaller group) 3rd Wednesday of the month (regular group)

This group offers 2 virtual meetings per month:

A small monthly meeting for those that aren’t comfortable in larger groups. There will be a limit of 5 or 6 people including the facilitators.
1st Wednesday of the month.

Regular monthly meeting:
3rd Wednesday of the month.

These meetings are open to all in the UK impacted by suicide loss and are not exclusively for the Eastbourne area. If you wish to attend a virtual Support Group, please contact Derek on 07376303440 or email your details to eastbourne@uksobs.org and Derek will give you a call back. The Eastbourne virtual group is available to all UK residents impacted by Suicide loss regardless your location.

Eastbourne (Virtual meetings available)