Engaging Men

SOBS – Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide
The ‘Engaging Men’ programme
An activity-based programme to engage males bereaved by suicide.
If you ….
 Do not know where to turn to for help, but need it
 Find it easier to talk whilst being active
This could be your answer


Did you know that, following the suicide of a family member, friend, or colleague, too many men:
 Suffer months, or years of inner turmoil
 Find it hard, or impossible to talk about their feelings
 Find that these repressed feelings may turn up in unwanted places and at unwanted times in forms such as depression, or aggression
 Feel they have to ‘stay strong’ for others, even when that is a task which would be too much, even for Superman
 Feel increasingly isolated and alone
 Risk becoming alienated even from their closest family and friends
 Risk turning to other ‘comforts,’ such as alcohol, or drugs
 Have suicidal thoughts of their own, but ….
 Find that they benefit most from being alongside and ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ with other men who have experienced bereavement by suicide


This project is for you if you recognise yourself anywhere in the list. It aims to address some of those issues and engage with men who have been bereaved by suicide and know they would find it helpful to talk to other men who have suffered the same trauma.

The project and activities will:

 Involve only men
 Involve only those who have been bereaved by suicide, so everyone has had a similar experience of bereavement
 Be activity-based
 Focus on activities expressed as interests by the men who respond

Sample activities might include:
Sport (active/passive); music (pop to classical); film/theatre; cars/transport; walking; gardening; hands-on skills; photography; anything else which has an interest-group.
Participating groups are: Gloucester, Swindon With other Group development in Uttoxeter, Bradford, Manchester, Portsmouth and Bournemouth Engaging Men

Worth a read: ‘Men and Grief’ by Carol Staudacher (The best £3.39 I ever spent).To read it is to benefit, but to understand and to apply its principles is to progress with greater confidence along the road, which leads eventually to acceptance and greater emotional stability.  Copies are available through internet sources. (Steve Carter – National Programme Leader) contact: sobsengagingmen@outlook.com

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